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So, I am now a real grade one teacher; complete with smiley-face stickers and a wooden stick (just kidding!). The kids are actually kind of sweet (do I sense a love for children in myself?? Que paso conmigo? ;-p)… There are 2 boys that get up to mischief quite easily, but a loud warning and they fall back into line. Today we started teaching- earlier had 2 lessons that went well and I’m now free for the next 2.5 hours! Woohoo!!!! What’s great is that we have to hand in our planning a week before, so I will never have to “wing it” (like I did in South Korea, haha) or not be prepared for the lessons. I also plan everything with Maria (the other grade 1 teacher), so I’m never alone in planning and it’s much easier than I thought it would be. We have the freedom (within reason) to do what we want in class, as long as we fulfill the curriculum. So we choose the activities, the games etc. Right now I’m not feeling too creative, but I think in time I will come up with more exciting activities….If anyone has any good ideas, games etc- drop me a line, por favor!

Getting up at 5:30am hasn’t been that bad-it’s much cooler and the sky is really beautiful at this time. And I enjoy being included in the hustle and bustle of the early workers as I hold on tight to the motor-taxi as it zigzags through the traffic. But by 3pm I am completely buggered! In reality I really like having a job and a purpose/direction to wake up in the morning… but let’s see how I feel in a month shall we? Hahaha!

Last week I went with Mies and Josh to get our work visas. We first flew to Bogota and stayed the night in a hotel (all paid for by the school). I was fortunate enough to meet up with 2 friends (who I met while they were living in Santa Marta). I took full advantage of the fact that I was in a big city, and ordered that we go and eat Asian! I have been living in a hole in Santa Marta, and I had forgotten how amazing Thai food is! I had the most amazing spring rolls and noodle stir fry, and finished off the meal with a raw chocolate tart- absolute heaven!
I was in awe of the wide roads, cold air (I had forgotten how it felt to snuggle up in a blanket) and tall people. I will most definitely return to Bogota with an empty stomach and suitcase…

From Bogota we flew to Cucuta and crossed the border into San Antonio, Venezuela. We were met by some dude that works for the consulate in San Antonio who drove us through and made sure everything went smoothly. We had to wait at the embassy for a few hours, but eventually we got the visas. (We had a missing document (not our fault), but it’s Colombia and anything can be sorted out with a few phone calls…). Then we flew from Cucuta to Bogota and then onto Santa Marta. When the pilot announced that we would be landing in Santa Marta soon- I automatically said “I’m home”, and it felt good! :-). Next week I will go and apply for my “cedula”- foreigner’s Colombian ID. (Estoy casi Colombiana...)

A few people have told me recently I look much better than before; that my eyes are brighter. I think I was depressed for the past few months; with no direction and hope. But now that has all changed :-). I feel so lucky to be working and living in one of Colombia’s top holiday destinations. When I come home and see the beautiful, shimmering sea and blue skies (well this week it’s been black skies-the rainy season has begun), I can’t help but think of how fortunate I am to be in this situation, and I will do everything to keep it for as long as I can/want to. The headmistress of the school keeps telling me “please find yourself a Colombian boyfriend, get married and stay here and teach for a few years”… well, who knows what my future holds ;-P

Ok, I’m outta here….Peace and love from the Caribbean! Come visit! Please! :-)

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